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Handicrafts - 25 cents 1976 - Canadian stamp

Handicrafts 1976 - Canadian stamp


  • Quantity: 9 450 000
  • Issue date: February 6, 1976
  • Printer: Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited
  • Scott: #685


The philosophy and culture of the ancient Greeks aimed for a harmonious balance between physical perfection and intellectual depth. This principle was very evident in the conduct of the Olympic Games, where the artistry of the finest architects, sculptors, poets, orators and musicians of the day was honoured in the same manner as the strength and skill of the best athletes. Baron Pierre de Coubertin, re-animator and founder of the modern Olympic Games, and himself a man of wide cultural interests as well as a devotee of sports, believed strongly that arts and letters were necessary to ennoble sport "for the sake of progress and human dignity". He therefore established from the very first, that cultural events were to be an integral part of the new Olympic celebrations, and provided guidelines to regulate such manifestations as architectural sites, costumes and decorations, processionals and the accompanying music, all of which he envisioned as conforming to the ancient Greek ideal of natural simplicity. By a special amendment of the Olympic organization's by-laws, the Arts and Culture Programme of the XXI Olympiad will be the entire responsibility of the host country for the first time in the history of the games. Montreal will therefore present to the world a showcase of Canadian accomplishments representing our lifestyle and culture from coast to coast, and featuring the very best talent in plastic arts, graphic arts, performing arts and handicrafts. Concerts, pageants and exhibitions featuring all these disciplines will be held throughout the entire month of July, starting a week before the athletic events, in all the most prestigious locations in and around the Olympic site in Montreal, as well as in Kingston and Ottawa. The organizing committee has made special efforts to encourage the public's active participation, both as contributors and spectators, and many of the events have been designed especially to appeal to children. This stamp was designed by Ray Webber of Toronto, whose specially is illustrative photography. The categorie of the Cultural and Artistic programme represented on this stamp is Handicrafts. It is illustrated by a photographic still-life treatment of various instruments and accessories associated with it. The designer has arranged dynamic and carefully detailed compositions which are thrown into relief by the subtle shades of the backgrounds.
Canada. Post Office Department. [Postage Stamp Press Release], 1976.


Designed and photographed by Ray Webber

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