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Centering and margins

The following grades convey how well centered the stamp is and the width of the stamp's margins.

A or AVG (average)

Is a stamp that has almost no margin on at least one side with a portion of the design trimmed off or cut into by perforations. Except for rare or very old stamps average stamps are not collected or sold except as space-fillers or reference copies. Heavy cancellations which obliterate the design can also be considered.

Timbre - Centering and margins - A - Average

F (fine)

Is a stamp that is significantly offset but still has four margins.

Timbre - Centering and margins - F - Fine


Is a stamp with the design almost centered both vertical and horizontal.

Timbre - Centering and margins - F/VF - Fine/Very Fine

VF (very fine)

Is a stamp with the design almost centered horizontally and perfectly centered vertically.

Timbre - Centering and margins - VF - Very Fine

XF (extremely fine)

Is a stamp with the design almost centered vertically and perfectly centered horizontally.

Timbre - Centering and margins - XF - Extremely Fine

S (superb)

Is a stamp perfectly centered.

Timbre - Centering and margins - S - Superb

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